It is fantastic to be able to improve the childrens’ prospect!

Clean drinking water improves education

It is fantastic to be able to improve the childrens’ prospect!

Seeing the benefit of supporting DWL

It is fantastic to be able to improve the childrens’ prospect!

Waterpas board members visiting Dutch Water


Our goodwill ambassadors

Hans van Dijk

Professor, TU Delft

I am impressed by the idealism and enthusiasm of Waterpas Foundation and I find that Dutch Water really can make a sustainable difference to the drinking water supplies in Kenya through its strong organisation and skills.

Birgitta Haesakkers

CEO European Pump Services B.V.

For some it might be self-evident, for others it is unthinkable, but certainly within reach [OF] but not hopeless

Henk Jan Witteveen

I feel that having access to clean drinking water is a fundamental right  for every human being on earth. Waterpas Foundation makes a modest and at the same time important contribution in realizing this fundamental right for the people in Kenya. As an Organization Advisor I would like to encourage other organizations to make an active contribution in helping to make the ambitions and dream of the Waterpas Foundation become a reality: accessable and affordable drinking water for the people in Africa.

Lorenz Winkel

Executive Sales Director Damen Africa

Als Area Director Africa kom ik al 15 jaar in Kenya. Het is een prachtig land, maar wel met problemen. Damen heeft inmiddels meer dan 1,000 schepen geleverd aan Afrikaanse klanten en ons motto is: waar je water vindt, daar vind je Damen. Water zit in ons systeem, of het nu zeewater is of drinkwater. Ik vind het mooi dat ik iets kan bijdragen door de voorziening van schoon drinkwater te steunen! Ik beveel het werk van Stichting Waterpas dan ook van harte aan.

Rick Voet

Directeur CEO Maasdael Corporate Finance

The entrepreneurship in Dutch Water appeals strongly to me. Striving for a neutral utilization of a water factory makes that this superb initiative is sustainable. Furthermore, by creating job possibilities, Dutch Water offers local families a better future. Therefore, I find that Dutch Water stands for more than clean drinking water. Dutch Water is a prime example for the future of sustainable developmental aid.

Peter Stoter

CEO Meteo Consult

At Meteo Consult we also deal with water, sometimes a lot, sometimes not enough, and rarely at places we didn’t expect it. Waterpas Foundation ensures that drinking water is brought to places where it is needed the most. A mission that I strongly support!

Jan Evert Post

Managing Director, MT ING Real Estate Finance.

I see Waterpas Foundation as a symbol for a sound basis. Great that I am able to join building on from this basis.

Erik Hietkamp


With Dutch Water we not only provide clean and affordable drinking water, but we also generate employment for the local population and provide education and development for them. By giving something personal you are able to create a better world. A prime example of how entrepreneurship and improving the development of Kenya go hand-in-hand. In November 2011, I have visited several schools and orphanages and have witnessed how clean drinking water is able to make a difference!

Steven Nieuwenhuizen

CEO D-Reizen

As (professional) traveller I often can be found in Africa where I enjoy its beauty. At the same time the strong contrast is painful to watch. It is not fair how well being, and responsible food and drinking water are divided in this world. Therefore, I support Dutch Water and Waterpas Foundation in their mission to improve the general well being through generating clean and affordable drinking water for everybody in developing countries and by providing employment and education.

Willem Lageweg

Former CEO MVO Nederland

For years I have been a friend of the Samburu tribe in the north of Kenya. I’m fundraising for SEED Samburu and use my network for useful contacts and projects. My job at MVO Nederland gives me access to many contacts, both at corporate and governmental levels. I am happy to support and recommend the work of Waterpas Foundation to my network contacts.

Jan Kat

former CEO Detailresult (o.a. Dirk, Dekamarkt)

My previous activities for the FAO in West Africa have made it clear to me that water is of the highest importance. For growing crops during the rain season, for watering vegetable plots during the dry season, for the preparation of food and as drinking water throughout the year. Especially the latter, which we take for granted, but is of poor quality in Africa. This needs to be improved! Every initiative to improve the availability of clean drinking water deserves our full and active support.

Jelle de Jong


About 70 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. 70 percent of a human body is water. However, many children in Kenya do not have access to clean drinking water. This has to change!

John Brands

CEO Coca Cola (NL)

Together with my family I have lived in Kenya from September 2009 to June 2010 for the adoption of our son Philip. Our strong link with this country has become part of our daily lives. We have seen how Kenyan people struggle to obtain clean drinking water, especially for their children. I also have a strong professional link with drinking water, given my job at Coca-Cola and the presence of our company in Africa. The Kenyan people deserve our support for clean drinking water for which I am happy to commit myself!

Peter Brussel

Member of the Board Blokker Holding

Already 10 years ago, when I was working for BCC, I have met one of the founders of Dutch Water ltd and was impressed by his idealistic entrepreneurship. I enjoy seeing how Dutch Water ltd is developing. Also, the support of Waterpas Foundation to school children improves their prospect. For this I am happy to commit myself.

Sjaak Brouwer

CEO Miele Australia

Miele is strongly focussing on the development of appliances with the lowest possible use of energy. In addition, for laundry and dish washing machines we aim to minimize the use of water. With the knowledge that only 3% of the water on earth can be used for consumption, in combination with the fact that Miele laundry and dish washing machines are using this source, we support Waterpas Foundation and her mission “Healthy and affordable drinking water for everybody in developmental countries”.

Tineke Huizinga

Director Wilde Ganzen

A shortage of healthy drinking water. Waterpas Foundation strives to give clean drinking water to children to improve their prospect by being healthier and finishing their education. A great initiative that deserves our support.

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