It is fantastic to be able to improve the childrens’ prospect!

Clean drinking water improves education

It is fantastic to be able to improve the childrens’ prospect!

Seeing the benefit of supporting DWL

It is fantastic to be able to improve the childrens’ prospect!

Waterpas board members visiting Dutch Water

Dutch Water

Waterpas Foundation has originated from the beautiful company Dutch Water Limited (DWL), to which it is still affiliated. Founded by 2 idealistic Dutch entrepeneurs, DWL aims to produce healthy drinking water as cheap as possible and to sell it for the lowest possible price to the people of Mombassa. At this moment, the Kenyan population is already benefiting from this clean drinking water.

Unfortunately, the majority of the people in Mombassa have no access to clean and healthy drinking water, while this is essential for the health of every human being.

Dutch Water Limited was really started in 2008 and has been growing enormously since its inception. Well over 100 people are currently employed by DWL. The shareholders have stated that dividend collection cannot take place in the Netherlands. In case DWL becomes profitable, this profit will be reinvested in new factories or a lowering of the sales price to make healthy drinking water affordable for even more people. DWL can also decide to use its profit for gifts to orphanages in Mombassa.

The Vision (Mission) of DWL is:

“Clean and affordable drinking water for everybody in developing countries”

The drinking water will –as much as possible– be produced ecologically. And an extra goal is to increase local employment.

Two main focus areas are created to realize DWL’s vision:

a. Selling clean drinking water in 10-liter jerry cans (KSH 5 cent per liter, excluding a deposit)

b. Donating drinking water to schools, orphanages and hospitals that cannot afford it. There is a large need for this, and Waterpas Foundation is founded for that purpose.


Water sales

DWL sells drinking water in reusable 10-liter jerry cans at the gate of the factory, by direct delivery to customers requiring large quantities, or at Direct Selling Points (DSPs).

From these DSPs, salesmen are distributing drinking water using Strolleys that can hold 26 jerry cans. In this way water is sold home-by-home, as well as to the many local shops that resell the water. For both, a jerry can costs 60 KSH (5 cent per liter). Shops are reselling the drinking water for 70 – 80 KSH per liter.

In the first six months of 2011 DWL sold 3000 jerry cans per day. Assuming an average use of 1,5 liter per person per day, this means that already 20,000 people are daily benefiting from DWLs clean and healthy drinking water.



DWL’s ambition is to grow. There is a vast need for drinking water in Mombassa, as well as in other parts of Kenya. At the end of 2011, the production capacity will be doubled, and, the build of a second factory is being planned. DWL’s dream is to deliver clean and healthy drinking water to millions of Kenyan people by building 8 drinking water factories all over the country. Like DWL, Waterpas Foundation would like to grow to meet the needs of schools and orphanges.


For more information:

The Waterpas Foundation is ANBI approved. Gifts are tax deductable in The Netherlands

The activities concentrate around the Mombasa area

IBAN: NL80 RABO 0154 8091 60