Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

Sponsoring a class or school is already possible from 250 Euro

Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

You can give her 1 year of clean drinking water for just 10 Euro!

Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

You can make the difference. Clean drinking water improves their prospect

DWL personnel applauds for Dutch Water Foundation

The Dutch Water personnel gives the Dutch Water Foundation a warm applaus since the foundation makes it possible that Dutch Water delivers healthy drinking water at 35 schools and orphanages in Mombasa. This means that more thane 11.000 school children have access to clean drinking water! This drinking water contributes to a better health situation of the children and it also enables them to learn better. Therefore these children have good future prospects.
The foundation gives a big applaus to all its sponsors that support this drinking water project!
The Dutch Water foundation speaks out the hope that DWL will continue deliverĀ a lot of healty drinking water to the children and to the team of DWL:

Thank you very much for the nice picture!


The Waterpas Foundation is ANBI approved. Gifts are tax deductable in The Netherlands

The activities concentrate around the Mombasa area

IBAN: NL80 RABO 0154 8091 60