Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

Sponsoring a class or school is already possible from 250 Euro

Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

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Healthy water -> Good education -> Fair opportunities

You can make the difference. Clean drinking water improves their prospect

Walking for Water

The Daphne for Kenya Foundation has organized Walking for Water near Mombasa in Kenya in March!

Gillian Turner of the Foundation Daphne for Kenya and organizer of the walk shared her experience:
‘It has been great! Walking for Water with the children of our project and three other schools was really something special. We had threehunderd rugsacks made in Kenya within ten days.
That was quite a job performance! Some of the children carried the rugsack on their heads – a very touching picture.

With the sponsored water of DWL the children head off for the walk. At the rythem of the drum we walked in the heat.

The four schools didn’t only want to show solidariry with their peers in Europe, but also wanted to get money! They walked together nearly € 175,00. That is quite an achievement seeing the very poor erae they live in.

In a nutshell:
Tear jerking, innovating, inspiring and an experience for life!’


wvw Kenia Gillian Turner (1) (Kopie)





The Waterpas Foundation is ANBI approved. Gifts are tax deductable in The Netherlands

The activities concentrate around the Mombasa area

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