Three eurocents per day gives a better future.

They can use your help. Clean drinking water improves their prospect

Three eurocents per day gives a better future.

You can give a child 1 year of clean drinking water for just 10 Euro!

Three eurocents per day gives a better future.

Sponsoring a class or school is already possible from 250 Euro.

What you can do

For 3 Eurocent per day you can give clean drinking water to a child. This child will be healthier, will grow better, will improve its study, and, through all this, its outlook for the future will be much better. Only 3 Eurocent per day! This means that for 10 Euro per year you can provide a child with a one-year drinking water supply. And for approximately 250 Euro per year you can supply a school class! You can even adopt a school or orphanage for a few thousand Euro (depending on the size of the school or orphanage).

Waterpas Foundation is pleased with all their friends: individuals, companies, schools, churches, networking clubs, foundations and even sport teams have supported Kenyan children with clean and healthy drinking water.

Waterpas Foundation aims to connect a sponsor to a specific class, school or orphanage and to keep the sponsor informed about the delivery of water supplies and the well-being of the sponsored group.

Waterpas Foundation can give you, at any time, information leaflets or other background material that you can use for your fundraising. Whether you need it before, during, or after your fundraising event, such as a party, anniversary, or at the memoboard in the canteen.



For an overview of our current sponsors: see Friends

We are happy to contact you if you would like to know more:

Sponsorship suggestions:

Waterpas Foundation has sponsors with different backgrounds:

  • Personal sponsors, who either support us long-term or donate once. For example, a couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary like it more to collect money for Waterpas Foundation than to receive presents.
  • Networking foundations, such as Rotary, Lions, Ronde Tafel and Probus. We are happy to attend your meeting to tell you more about Waterpas Foundation and Dutch Water ltd.
  • Schools, for which 2 education goals apply. On the one hand by making children aware how prosperous and thriving the Netherlands are, and on the other hand by teaching about Africa, Kenya, and Mobassa and the people who live there. It is often great fun to organise a “for children – by children” event. Waterpas Foundation can assist you, for example with background information.
  • Churches
  • Foundations
  • Companies

Recently, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has gained much interest. For some companies this is easy to organise within their company, while for others it is not so straightforward. Donating drinking water through Waterpas Foundation is a form of CSR that can –if wanted- also be visualised withing the company.

Below are 3 examples for company sponsoring, contact us to discuss other possibilities:

  • a long-term relationship, during the years you sponsor drinking water. Waterpas Foundation will connect your company to a specific school, orphanage or hospital and will keep you updated on the progress.
  • A single donation, for example for a water supply for one or a half year.
  • A fundraising event where the extent of the donation will depend e.g. on the received donations (at the jubilee of one of the directors) or sold products (for each sold bike x% will be donated to Waterpas Foundation).

Our Bank account:
IBAN:  NL 80 0154 8091 60

The Waterpas Foundation is ANBI approved. Gifts are tax deductable in The Netherlands

The activities concentrate around the Mombasa area

IBAN: NL80 RABO 0154 8091 60